Exciting news!!! We have expanded and are now operating under a new name: Balanced Life Mobile Therapy Inc. Please visit our new website: www.balancedlifemobiletherapy.com

Jessa Eng Physiotherapy is a full service mobile physiotherapy clinic that provides comprehensive assessment, education and treatment to clients in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office.

A few good reasons for choosing a mobile physiotherapist:

  • We have portable clinic standard machines and equipment to ensure you have the same or higher quality care as you would in a typical physiotherapy clinic.
  • On top of having the therapist come to you, you get complete one-on-one attention for your entire session.
  • This allows for a greater time spent educating you on your condition, as well as ensuring no corners are cut during your treatment due to time restrictions or the hectic nature of most private clinics.
  • Better quality care results in faster and more thorough recovery as well as decreasing the risk of recurrent issues in the future.  In addition, there are cost savings if you recover faster and avoid re-injury.

No longer is home physiotherapy restricted to just seniors or people with movement disabilities requiring home care. Jessa Eng Physiotherapy has a keen interest in serving the motivated population.  As health issues become more and more prevalent people are more aware that they can and should take care of their health and bodies.  Sometimes all you need is a little guidance in where to start and how to get fit and healthy in a safe and structured manner. For others who want an edge on sport performance, Jessa Eng Physiotherapy has a strong background in sports and fitness.  Core stability should be the foundation to any athlete or person participating in sports.  Contact us today to find out more!